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How Accurate Are Online Hearing Test? Online hearing tests are accurate enough to give you an overview of your current hearing state. They cannot offer you a medical diagnosis or identify the root cause or type of hearing, however. For this information, you would have to consult an audiologist.Hearing Loss Aids, Digital Hearing Aid Machine.

How do I get a hearing test?

To get a free hearing test on the NHS, see your GP for a referral to a hearing specialist (audiologist). When you see your GP, they will ask you questions about your hearing problems and look in your ears with a small torch with a magnifying lens. They may carry out some simple hearing checks.Hearing Loss Aids, Digital Hearing Aid Machine.

What is involved in a hearing test?

Your hearing will be tested

Testing may include: A pressure test to check the flexibility of your eardrum (and its ability to transmit sound) A tone test to measure how softly you can hear tones of different pitches (which will be charted on an audiogram)Hearing Loss Aids,Digital Hearing Aid Machine.

What is the first sign of hearing loss?

Most complain that people mumble or talk too fast. Hearing loss is often accompanied by tinnitus. A buildup of earwax, medication, exposure to loud sounds and hearing loss can all cause ringing in the ears, or tinnitus. The ringing might be constant or occasional, but it is often the first sign of hearing loss.

Can a GP do a hearing test?

You can get a free hearing test on the NHS. Your GP may refer you to a hearing specialist (audiologist) who can do the test. It could take a few weeks to see the specialist. So it will probably be quicker to get tested somewhere else, like at a large pharmacy or opticians, although you may have to pay for this.

What happens during an audiology test?

The audiologist will ask you to raise your hand when you hear a sound. For example, if you hear a sound with your left ear, raise your left hand; if you hear a sound with your right ear, raise your right hand. ... A hearing test is performed in a sound proof room. Hearing Loss Aids, Digital Hearing Aid Machine.

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