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Widex Hearing Center is the best digital hearing aid centre in Dhaka, Bangladesh that provides services to those who are suffering from hearing and speech impairment. Our objective is to improve the lives of people suffering from hearing and speech problems using ultramodern techniques and technology. We believe in delivering extraordinary services through the combined efforts of qualified professionals like audiologists, speech pathologists, and special educationists. 

We are the leading hearing aid dealer in Dhaka. We dispense standard quality digital hearing aids of all models like small, tiny invisible hearing aids, body-worn hearing aids, behind-the-ear hearing aids (BTE), Receiver in the Canal (RIC), Complete in the Canal (CIC), and tinnitus masking hearing aids.

We deal in the latest high-quality digital hearing aids of all brands like GN Resound, Starkey, Seimens (Signia), Oticon, Bernafon, Beltone, Phonak, Arphi, Audioservice, Unisound. Our hearing aid price ranges start from a low price hearing aid to a high price hearing aid. All price ranges of hearing aids for all reported hearing aid brands are available here readily.

We do regular follow-up with our hearing aid users and give the best fine tuning solutions. Our aim is to provide quality hearing aids to our patients. As per manufacturer's warranty policy, we also provide free service, warranty to the hearing aid users. As our social responsibility, we do attend several awareness camps related to hearing impaired people, organized at certain intervals in our nearby areas. We do provide free hearing aids to the poor and needy every year.

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